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Benefits Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

Benefits Of Bamboo Toilet Paper

7th Sep 2021


Fortunately, with innovation across the industries, consumers can embrace a less wasteful, more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing quality and comfort. Eco-conscious customers look for ways to limit their negative impacts on the environment while meeting the needs of the families and hectic lives. The secret to making the most difference lies in the products we choose that are used daily when it comes to sustainability.

Waste Of Traditional Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is a necessary product that many people overlook when considering sustainability. Often, consumers overlook how much toilet paper their household uses annually. The traditional toilet paper industry pumps out millions of products every year to flush resources down the drain. But today, consumers have a choice when it comes to a more sustainable toilet paper product.

Bamboo Toilet Paper’s Simpler Manufacturing Process

Unlike the wasteful manufacturing of traditional toilet paper products, bamboo toilet paper is straightforward to make. Bamboo is very fibrous, which gives natural strength to products made of it. These fibers are broken down into pulp and soaked, and pressed to form actual paper. The paper is then dried, rolled, cut, and packaged for sale.

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper

Bamboo products are among the most eco-friendly on the market today. Made from sustainable materials, bamboo products break down thoroughly and quickly. Not only is bamboo a renewable resource, but it is also both strong and soft, making it a natural choice for toilet paper.

Soft Strength And Durability

Bamboo toilet paper has the unique ability to provide strength, softness, and durability for a robust product choice. Widely used in luxe materials for various quality products, bamboo is renowned for its simplistic yet luxurious qualities. When made into toilet paper products, bamboo’s naturally strong material creates less waste as a smaller amount is needed each use.

Bamboo Is A Renewal Resource

Bamboo trees proliferate throughout many parts of the world. The ease and timeframe of the plant’s growth make it a sustainable and renewable resource for products always in high demand. As the fastest growing plant globally, bamboo can grow up to 35 inches every day, resulting in unparalleled resource replenishment.

Gentle On The Body, Earth, And Drains

Bamboo is an eco-conscious choice for people who want to minimize their negative impact on the environment without sacrificing comfort and quality. Bamboo toilet paper breaks down quickly and is easily flushed through plumbing systems. Safe for use with septic tanks and old plumbing, bamboo toilet paper leaves no waste in drains or pipes that could create clogging.

The Take-Away

The high-quality, soft, and durable qualities of bamboo toilet paper are highlighted by the sustainability of the product’s material. For these reasons, bamboo toilet paper is an eco-friendly choice for life’s necessary product