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Climate Change And Sustainability: And You

Climate Change And Sustainability: And You

12th Oct 2021

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What does climate change mean, anyway?

This question really opens a can of worms. Different people view climate change in different ways. While people generally agree that this is a real thing and it's happening, beyond that, sustainability takes on different dimensions as we talk about it.

Let's talk about changing some simple consumer habits to help with sustainability and the environment as a whole. This is one important aspect of dealing with the changes that are occurring and frankly, threatening the life of the planet.

Recycling and Reusability

One of the core things with recycled and renewable consumer products is that through using them, people hope to alleviate pressure on the planet.

One example is when you flush down your toilet. You wouldn't think that that would make a difference, but deforestation for traditional toilet paper is a serious ecological concern. Forests are getting cut down at a staggering rate, and unless companies or other parties are getting carbon credits for planting new ones, the net replacement of these forests is probably pretty low.

With 100% tree-free bamboo toilet paper, you source this simple home supply in a way that doesn't lead to greater timbering of conventional forests. You start to have a more positive impact on the global equation that is concerning scientists who feel that the future of trees really affects us all.

Water and Sanitation

There's another aspect of this, too.

We highlight on our website how 785 million people or one in nine around the world lack clean water.

We talk about efforts to bring equity to that situation with renewable and sustainable choices.

This is also something you can look into when you're starting to buy these green sustainable products, in order to change your consumer footprint and how your household impacts the world around you. Read our stories, and you’ll see why this type of research and proactive work is ultimately important.

That's just one illustrative example of dealing with both ecology and global inequity in direct ways. The other thing about our system is that you don't have to keep going to the store and trying to make choices on your own. You'll get a sustainable supply on a reliable basis, so check out everything on the website and see how this can work for your household. Let us know if you want to start becoming part of the solution with green TP delivered to your door.