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Climate Change and You – Three Paths to Better Outcomes

Climate Change and You – Three Paths to Better Outcomes

28th Oct 2021

Many of us have a growing sense of dread about the environment. We look at the science, where there's a growing consensus that change is happening, and we see actual proof of melting ice caps and other big changes that will affect the ecology of the planet.

We even see climate change happening in unusual storm cycles and record high temperatures during certain times of the year.

Here are three ways to try to tackle the climate change issue by promoting better consumer habits and changing the way that we source products. You can take proactive steps to make change happen!


Buying products made from recycling material helps lower the energy consumption footprint of a household or business, or really anyone who's sourcing products – in a noticeable way.

That's why companies are pivoting to making products with recycled materials. There's usually no downside to manufacturing products this way, and there's a massive upside in terms of ecology. Products might look slightly different – but increasingly, that just signals to the consumer that something is being done differently, and better!


In the fight against climate change, forests are king – trees work to balance the CO2 equation and actually filter some of the harmful elements that are pushing climate change. In general, part of the battle against climate change involves growing trees and stopping large areas from being timbered! Just look at some of the most modern initiatives for handling climate change, and you’ll see that as vital natural resources, trees are front and center.

So when companies pivot from wood to renewables, they are alleviating pressure on potentially timbered forestland. We simply have to stop cutting down massive amounts of trees to make paper products.

Luckily, there is a renewable source on the horizon. Companies are starting to make items out of bamboo, which is a quick growing resource and can be harvested without causing traditional deforestation.


There's another way that your better buying practices affect climate change.

It's in the market – if enough people start by the right thing instead of the wrong thing, the market starts to respond and there's more green production. That can lead to a tipping point where the market really pivots toward green energy and renewables in a fundamental way.

Take a look at our 100% tree-free bamboo toilet paper, and think about how adding it to your home cabinet can change the way you approach paper products.